Eilidh MacRae
Kelpie Knits is a one-woman operation founded by me, Eilidh MacRae. I dye out of pots in my kitchen and love getting to do what I do.

I live in Inverness, in the Scottish Highlands with my husband and my dog, Odin. 

Kelpie Knits yarn is unique and hand-dyed but comes without the hefty price tag. I've never been interested in being a 'luxury brand' and don't think that your income should dictate whether or not you can create beautiful things. Hand-dyed yarn should be for everyone and I'm still trying to make my yarn more accessible. 

I love to knit, it's one of the only things I can always rely on to calm me down and de-stress me after a long day. If I can help you do that, with yarn that you love, then I've done my job.